Have you thought about the tax efficient and non-tax efficient ways of reorganising a company?

There are many reasons why a company or group might want to restructure and there are a number of ways it can be done. Choosing the best route is usually driven by tax considerations and getting it wrong can be costly.

Our expert speaker Peter Rayney will be going over the most tax efficient ways to tackle reconstruction demergers and more in our upcoming webinar. He will be outlining the various reconstructions and demerger structures available as well as how to prevent a distribution income tax charge for shareholders. 

After watching the webinar, you will be familiar with:

  • An overview of the commercial drivers for company reorganisations and demergers
  • Detailed examination of the various tax reorganisation rules (s316 and s139 TCGA 1992)
  • Brief review of key stamps tax issues
  • Outline various reconstructions and demerger structures available, which prevent a distribution income tax charge for the shareholders



Peter Rayney

Peter is the author of Practical Corporate Tax and a regular contributor to Tax Insight. He practises as an independent tax consultant through his own practice, advising owner-managed companies, accountants, lawyers and tax practitioners on a wide range of tax issues.

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